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An old family recipe, over forty years old in fact; combined with unique ingredients to create the most wonderful, flavorful and best ever cookie you can imagine.  It's no accident that we call this the best cookie ever. In fact, that's what most people say once they've tried one. Try a few today, and see for yourself. We'll keep another batch warm for you.

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Our secret family recipe oatmeal cookie is quite simply, the best cookie ever.  Of course, these fabulous oatmeal cookies are not the only cookie we bake.  Allison’s recipes include sugar cookies made from scratch, with homemade butter cream frosting.  Sugar cookies are the perfect compliment to your Valentine’s, or Christmas celebration.  They’re also perfect for birthday or other parties.  With so many shapes, and colors available, why not try a dozen today!

If you love the taste of pecan pie, then you’ll absolutely love our delicious pecan tarts.  These small cookies are essentially mini pecan pies.  Fluffy pie crust stuffed with homemade pecan pie filling make for an irresistible indulgence, perfect for any season or occasion.

We also have an out of this world Chocolate Chip cookie.  These will most likely remind you of something your own Grandma baked in her kitchen.  Loaded with chocolate chips and full of flavor, these cookies will delight your taste buds and take you back in time to a very traditional and down-home flavor not often found today.

If all of this weren’t enough, how about a chocolate cookie dipped in mint chocolate?  With or without chocolate coating, our homemade chocolate cookies are really something special.  Soft-batch or crunchy, with many varieties to choose from, these cookies will be a family favorite from the first bite.

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